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Most of our powders are used in thermal spray processes (plasma, HVOF, flame spray, PTA, laser clad…) in areas such as aerospace and natural resources industries (pulp & paper, mining, oil & gas).

Our customers are mainly turbine manufacturing OEM (Pratt and Whitney, Rolls Royce, GE), vendors to those OEM and industrial repair shops. We can accommodate all sizes of customers in different industries with the same quick, reliable, well-informed products and services that have made our reputation stand out over the years. We have a good experience in R&D projects and take a great interest in developing new powders for thermal spray applications. We are always looking for new opportunities to develop powders for commercial application in all the industries we serve.

The materials know how we possess adds value to the products we can offer to our customers because we understand what makes a powder work well in different applications. Here is a list of production processes we use to manufacture powders:


Heat Treatment Blending

(Spray Drying)

(grinding, milling, sieving, classifying…)

Production Plant
New 21,000 sq, ft plant in St-Hubert QC Canada equipped with most recent technologies


Agglomeration (Spray Drying)
particle display shape and heat transfer properties that are ideal in thermal spray


Insures homogeneous particle distribution in particular lots


Particle size distribution
One of the most important aspect of powder production in thermal spray.



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